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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yada Yada

Anyone else read Simon W.'s blog yesterday from inside of your artificially lit cubicle in the midst of a dreary winter day and get sick to your stomach with jealousy?

In other news ... many of you may know already that my coach joined up with Team TBB and Coach Brett Sutton, hands down the most successful team at ironman distance around. Many, many wins and podium finishes last year from the likes of Chrissy, Hilary Biscay, Belinda Granger, Chris MacDonald, Stephen Bayliss, Bella Comeford (sp?), etc. Some of these athletes will not be returning to the team because of sponsorship loyalties and conflicts, but I expect the team to be as strong as ever next year. I also expect great things from Jonathan as he has been diligently putting in hard training. Based on his training load lately I would expect some racing in the near future. I can’t wait to see what happens.

What does this mean for me? Hopefully nothing in terms of being a student! Team TBB is known for training camps in exotic locations but hopefully this doesn’t hinder the valuable guidance I’m getting from Jonathan. The internet is a beautiful thing. I do hope however that some of the workouts find their way onto my weekly plans – in a scaled down version at least. Maybe they already have … one of my runs this week said something about 800 meter repeats on the track (or trail) at 10k race pace.

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