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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 5 - 11: back for more!

Total Time: 18:45
Swim: 12k
Bike: 8:10
Run: 3:51
Strength: 3:20

Last week was a big one for me in terms of volume. The highlight of the week was the 1:20 long run in trails of Harbison State Forest. I had a great time running up and down the hills, jumping the creek and dodging sticker bushes and fallen logs. For the most part the ground was nice for running but some parts were a little rocky. Overall it was much easier on the legs than asphalt or concrete. I'll definitely be back for more!

This great run through the woods unfortunately followed the low point of the week which was flat-spotting an $89 tubular in the first few miles of a ride with JB and crew in the North East. I'd been wanting to get out there and ride with those guys for awhile and was pretty mad when I had to bag the ride. I'll definitely be back for more! Shouldn't have been riding those wheels, next time I'll take the clinchers off the trainer to ride ... just in case. This is as close to flatting a tubular as I have ever come (which is why I like riding them). In fact, I've never had a flat on a tubular - had tons of them on clinchers. This is why I won't race a clincher!!

With the holidays over and done coach put the fourth swim back on the schedule. All the sessions were 3k and went well. The last one of the week culminated with a main set that included 15X100m at olympic distance pace on 15 sec rest. My average was 1:27 - not fast compared to the pros, but I finished strong and was encouraged when coach mentioned that we will get my time down to the low 1:20s. I have a feeling that there is a lot of suffering for me between now and then!

This week is going to be another solid week of training. 12k in pool again but with less cycling (7 hours). Running will be the focus this week ...

Train well.


Carolina John said...

sounds like a great run Ryan. i know the whole harbison area is pretty cool, i have an aunt who lives there. and at least you got some tits (time in the saddle). I've been dying for a decent bike ride. if only these work deadlines would ease up a bit.

JB said...

it was sucky to drive that far and only ride a mile!!

come try again...when it warms up.

Wes said...

Stupid tires... I've never had a flat in a race. Keeping my fingers crossed :-)