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Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 19-25

Total: 18.5 hours
Swim: 12km
Bike: 8 hrs 54 min.
Run: 4 hrs 40 min
Maintenance (Core Strength/Stretch): 1 hr 25 min

Another solid week of training under the belt. The most important aspect of last week for me was putting in top quality run workouts. It was my biggest run volume in a single week since the ITB injury with 35.5 miles. None of this was on the asphalt and my legs sent me a little Thank-You card for looking out for them. My long run was on the trails at Harbison Forest and once again was a ton of fun.

This week is a recovery week! There is less volume and intensity with the goal of absorbing the last 8 weeks of training.

I keep second guessing my decision to race in the Open division in the series this year. I had a lot of fun last year race age group and agonizing over series points numbers and wondering if so and so would be able to catch me. This year I don't expect to be much a factor for the overall series title so there won't be a need to watch the numbers so closely. I just want to be in the fight! I know I've gotten faster in the off season, but how much? And what if everyone else has also gotten faster? Then there are those age groupers who just flat-out refuse to race Open - you know who you are :-) ... you don't want to get beaten by them, then you have to ask yourself ... should I really be racing here?

Ah, who cares??? This is not productive thinking. I want to race off the front and think I can hang with at least some of these guys so I will. And I will be better for it. I will race a faster ironman because I pushed myself hard on the short course.

Train well.


Carolina John said...

Dude, you're going to fly through the open div. Don't sweat it. Congrats on another strong week.

gabe said...

Good luck, I am sure you will do fine.