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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Great article on achieving it:

In a complete opposite frame of mind from the article, I hand you my very me-focused rant ...

In other breaking news my week is coming apart at the seams because of lack of communication from my [insert adjective here] pool. After driving downtown to go get my first swim of the week (they were closed yesterday for MLK day) I was greeted by an empty parking lot. Yep, we're having this crazy snowstorm, it must be blowing at like 1/2oth of an inch per hour and not sticking anywhere. But it was enough to shut down facilities and call it a day! You may be thinking, "Gee, why didn't you call first, or check the website, afterall this IS the south". Yeah ... I did all that. Other than the fact that there was no answer of the phone (not abnormal) there was no indication of the closing.

So with the swim bagged I decided to run a few essential errands that I had to get done sometime this week like picking up the Plasma from the bike shop and purchasing my annual parking pass for the Harbison trails. Conti went with a solid black theme on the GP 4000 tubies which was cool but also bumped the price to match. Add in the rim tape and now my $89 flat spot incident turned into a $118 flat spot incident. Okay, so I won't be training on the Zipps anymore! All clinchers for training from here on out.

So why is not starting your weekly swim workouts until Wednesday so bad? Well when you normally get your swim and and most of your run workouts in during your lunch hour (90 minutes, but who's counting?) and there are only 3 days left in the work week with 4 swims and 3 runs, you're pretty much screwed. I can swim in the mornings after I drop my son off at school but it generally makes me a little late to work ... like 9:20ish. I could run in the mornings, freeing up my lunch hour for swimming but I might fall behind on my cycling time and I will still need to do a double swim once. A what about my strength work? When will I get that done?

If only the world revolved around ME and MY SCHEDULE!!!!

Okay, writing that down helped me see how ridiculous my mindset had become. I may have to get creative, but I WILL find a way to get it done without jeopardizing my job or shorting my family of my time. Watch and see!


TriT said...

Great article, thanks for sharing!!

Good luck fitting it all in :)

Carolina John said...

Your pool closed down without telling anyone too, huh? sucks, i know. at least you got 1/20th of an inch. i was showing up for my first masters swim practice and the dang thing was closed.

so how many workouts do you get in every week? I'm going to try and work up to 9: 3 swim, 2 bike, 2 run, 2 strength training, with a little yoga sprinkled in there too.

if you start your training day at 4:45 am there should be plenty of room to get all of those in! i gotta admit, your comment has pushed me to get started earlier. but i'm warning you, you might end up looking slow at langley pond. watch out!