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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Open Streaker

I'm not one to consider myself a training "streaker" but I have a pretty good streak going. I haven't taken a day off training since November 26th and we're closing in on January 26th. I'm not sure what is the average volume per day, but I would guess that it is a little over 2 hours. Most weekdays are around 3 hours and most weekends are around 1.5 per day. Then there is the occasional day like yesterday where I log 5 hours of work (although I took a little heat for this from the coach). It's not that I haven't been given any days off ... there were 2 around Christmas and the New Year, I just opted not to take them. Rumor has it that next week is a recovery week so maybe I'll make up for it then.

The "Open" part of title refers to my decision to race in the Open division in the series this year instead of as an age grouper. The exception to this is Festival of Flowers which doesn't have an Open division because it is an Age Group Nationals qualifier, Augusta Ironman 70.3, and the Beach 2 Battleship ironman which also does not have an Open division. Hopefully I won't look like a fool for racing against the pros and insanely fast elite amateurs. I just want to see how I stand against the best. And I want to race off the front where I'm not having to weave my way through masses of people in the swim and bike. I think this has slowed me down in the past. I also want to know where I stand amongst my competitors. I'm counting on the fact that trying to keep up with (and beat) these guys is going to up my game a bit. We shall see ...

Train well.


Mendy said...

Nick, that's great you are putting yourself out there in the Open division. And, I'm sure you are going to do well. Good luck this season!!!

JB said...

One day you'll be old and have to take days off like me!
Ahh, to be young again.