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Friday, January 9, 2009

By the numbers

I had my first body composition analysis of 2009 this morning. My plan is to do this at least quarterly this year with the goal of trying to achieve the best possible numbers in June and November to coincide with my two peak races.

So here they are with a comparison to previous body comps in May of 2008 and January of 2008:

 Today (1/09/09)5/23/081/21/08
Height (in)717171
Weight (lb)161159160
Waist (in)29.73030.3
Hip (in)36.73636.5
Waist/Hip Ratio.81.83.83
Blood Pressure118/82126/82122/73
Resting HR48-52
Max HR186187187
Body Fat %
Fat Weight (lb)12.5613.8314.24
Lean Weight (lb)148.44145.17145.76

So what’s the trend …

Weight is up a little BUT, Fat Weight is down and Lean Weight is up which means I’ve replaced fat with muscle hence the dropping Body Fat %.

A few posts ago I estimated my body fat at 8% so I guess I know my body pretty well.

What’s the goal?

I’m not concerned with weight. Instead I’m concerned with my weight to power ratio. Does anyone know how to quantify this? In my mind if my lean weight is up and my body fat is down then I should have a better weight to power ratio. This could be a misconception??

I would like my Body Fat % to be around 5% or 6% in June and November.

How can I get there?

Well, if I look at the locations where the body fat readings were taken I can see where this fat is …

- legs < 5%
- chest < 5%
- triceps <5%
- tummy 12%
- back 12%

So it appears that all my excess fat is in my tummy and back. I can target the back through strength work which I will add to my 3 day core/stability/abs strength program. For the tummy I will have to target this through diet. Yep, I must take in less calories than I expend to get rid of this little bit of fat. Can’t get around it …


Carolina John said...

you chubby bastard. i guess we all have to have something to work towards.

watch your diet, with those numbers it's not much of a calorie fest to lose the belly fat, it's more of a processed food watch. a lot of the things you will have to cut back on to lose the belly fat will also inhibit your recovery times from a ligament & tendon standpoint. cutting beneficial fats like olive oil and almonds will get rid of your belly fat, but watch out for heel pain when you run. That's the trade off.

i think i would be ok with the single digit body fat and work more on increasing power output from the bike. 6 pack abs are still only 6 pack abs, bro. i've got like a whole case down there. maybe even half a pony keg. and i keep it well insulated.

Anthony said...

Where did you have that done Nick?