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Monday, March 30, 2009

March 23-29

Total: 17 hrs
Swim: 12km
Bike: 8 hrs 30 min
Run: 4 hrs 28 min
Strength: 1 hr

Last week started off pretty strong on Monday with 90 minutes on the bike and then a double run totaling 2 hours of running for the day. I was getting all my work done and feeling fairly strong through Thursday and then Friday the wheels started to come off. After my swim on Friday I was totally spent - no energy, starving and my lower legs were t-rashed. Thankfully I only had some light work on the bike and 1 hour of running left for the weekend. So apart from that little bit of training I laid very low with the family and slept and ate whenever I had the opportunity. Well that's not totally true ... I did finish up the big flower bed I've been working on in the back yard by laying in the border / edging material. But I also got lots of little naps and snacks. Our friends Kelley and Greg had us over for dinner last night and could probably tell that I was extra mellow, even more than my usual laid-backness. Our kids love to play together their new house has a nice big back yard and dedicated play room where the kids can wear themselves out.

For the lower legs, luckily I had an appointment on the schedule for this morning with Dr. Renick for my ART treatment. Also the heater in the pool is still broken today so it's a bit like taking an ice bath ... great for recovery! Additionally last week I ordered a pair of the very stylish compression sleeves for my calves. Hopefully these things will help make running a little more enjoyable this week.

This week has another pretty big run block and even a Team TBB Special swim workout. It sounds cool but I have a feeling that lifting myself out of the pool afterwards will be a challenge.

I'll be tuned into IM Live on Sunday as coach is racing IM Australia.

Train well!


Carolina John said...

sounds like another fun week! glad you got some gardening in. my yard is starting to lag behind the times. but i am getting my trianing in.

JT said...

Let me know how the compression sleeves work for you. I've read several "studies" and reviews that are all over the board with regards to effectiveness. My calves and lower legs are always the most sore and slow to recover.