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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Response to the Windmill

Since I shared the video of the one armed windmill I figured I should share the response from coach:

"for the swim.... ABSOLUTLY no concern about the straigh arm, you have a good rythme in you, and that is key. Your swimming is actually very nice from outside the water. The weakness might be in the catch phase and power/strengh related but i do beleive if we work really hard at paddle work and specific fitness, we can get you to a solid ironman swim

my goal with you is to make a good ironman swim out of you.... not get you to the olympic in swimming. So, i need to work with some limitation. To make a swimmer out of you is impossible as you are too old and your partern as set in you. We cant change them. What we can work on is finding rythme in your swimming...having a style that is dynamic....and making you strong... with this, we can hope to get you to a 50min ironman swim on a long term project. That is plenty for you to win most races...But to take on the challenge to change you to be a swimmer would be so complicated and would required so much swimming. you dont need to be a swimmer to get out in 50min....

Now, realise that a 50min ironman swim is acheivable for a non swimmer as it s simply not fast.... a real swimmer, Thorpe, phelps, etc..could do that 2.4miles in 40min..... but for us.... a bit slower will jsut do so we have to work with what we have.

from what i see in the video, there is no reason that we cant acheive good triathlete stardards at ironman level. I will check the video some more to see if i can see a bit more of what is happening under water but so far, i m happy with what i see....lets get you strong, fit, and keep the rythme.... ( we have a few swimmer with exactly the same arms straigh recovery as you and they do swim very fast!)"

The part I like best, "we can hope to get you to a 50min ironman swim on a long term project. That is plenty for you to win most races..."

The part I like least, "you are too old"



Wes said...

I only need to shave 23 minutes from my IM swim time. Cool! I'm all over it :-)

Carolina John said...

that's a great coach!

Tonya said...

Haha...I like that old part too!! Heck, we aren't our age we are just in our prime! Right?!?! LOL!

Hope your Caleb had a great b-day too :)

JB said...

Great race today. Looks like you placed well. My race went about the way I expected for my level of fitness. Just happy to beat Ruckel and Reeves today. I have a lot of work to do before IMMoo.