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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


To follow up on my post yesterday, I asked the questions as I mentioned. I thought I'd share the response as some of you may be curious ...


some VERY VERY good questions.

the good thing for me is, i m working with a very motivated athlete(you) The problem is, if i leave you on your own, you rush things and cramp up crazy session together because you want to get really good and really quickly. You get injured, miss a few weeks and end up losing fitness and progress....

The thing is, on a long term approche, you can reach levels you didnt suspect IF we can put consistancy over 1-2-3 years. You have that right now, than that will show in your racing this summer but it s only the beginning.

It s the same with all the driven athlete, we complain to brett that i should ride more,. get one more hill repeat on the bike.... get a extra run in the week.... blah blah blah!!!

It comes down to me looking at you, and seeing what your body can take without sacrifcing consistancy. Spectacular results come from very steady and uneventfull but consistant preparation.

so at this point, we are in march.... we are in the ''hurry slowly'' phase... i dont want to burn you out...I want you in peak form late in the, i m making you go along conistantly. Yes, after this week, we are building up again for a might not like me as much in 3 weeks :)

Finaly, you arent ready to handle the bigger training, right now, the main goal is preparing you to be able to handle the ironman build up that we will do at the end of the season... it s going to be hard... and i dont want your body to break down under that hard load so that s what we are doing right now, building the fondation for your body to take on higher and harder training.

At this moment, you are doing shorter work, steady and consistant...we will gain a bit in term of speed, but mainly a strong fondation for the build up as you focus on long distance.

it all comes down to patience... that hardest element with consistancy for very driven athlete like you!!


My favorite part "you can reach levels you didnt suspect" ... this hits on my "tipping of the scale" theory that I've mentioned before. I'm so intrigued!!! And anxious to solve the mystery ... but that is the thing, the mystery only gets solved with patience and consistency.


Wes said...

either trust him or do not trust him.

Nick said...

Hi Wes,
Maybe I should have posted my actual questions ... I wasn't challenging the low volume/intensity, only seeking to understand it. I also had some inference to the battle in my mind over short term goals (early season short course racing) and long term goals (late season/multi-year long course racing). I want to be fast on the short course in the coming months but I primary want to become the best ironman athlete possible. These two may conflict somewhat but that's okay ... long term / long course wins in my mind!!

Carolina John said...

that is a really safe approach. i'm trying to ramp up into full tri mode still. other useless crap like life, work, and family keep getting in the way.