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Sunday, April 5, 2009

March 30 - April 5

Total volume: 17 hr 40 min
Swim: 12,200 meters
Bike: 8 hrs 47 min
Run: 2 hrs 56 min
Strength: 2 hrs 45 min

Well, it was another solid week but not all that it should have been. Today I had to bail part way into my 1 hr 40 min run because of the pain in my lower legs. It looks like I'm going to need a few days off running for the first time all year to let the inflammation subside a bit. It's not ideal but there is nothing I can really do about it - well, except use this as an opportunity to boost my cycling and swimming. Under the direction of the coach I'll take tomorrow and Tuesday off running and then pick back up with a short run on Wednesday to see how things are coming along. I'm hoping he sends me 5 swims this week and more like 10-12 hours on the bike. It's spring break week for the kids so not only will I have some extra training time in the morning (not taking my son to school), there will be much less traffic on the road. This should make for a good bike-focused week.

My only concern is how I will run at Langley on the 25th without a solid week of running this week. Hopefully a strong bike will make up for a weakness in my running if that is the case. If I was doing the sprint I wouldn't worry about it because a) the run short b) the depth of the field is quite shallow (only 1 open division male so far!). The olympic will be quite the opposite with a very strong field coming out. For some (like Chris Olson) this will be the season debut so I'm sure it will be quite intense ... no room for weak running!

Train well.

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