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Monday, April 6, 2009

Where it hurts

Coach wanted some more information on where I was having pain in the lower leg so I thought I would put these up here in case anyone else had some thoughts (sort of like an amateur Web MD type thing). Seems to be isolated to only the right leg which I tend to produce more power as I toe-off.

This first picture is where it is sore if I press into the bone. There is a small knot of inflammation or scar tissue. When I rub it out it feels better. I think this is where the soleus attaches to the bone.

The second picture is where it hurts when I toe-off when walking or running or coming down stairs. It is near the other place but more on the backside of the leg near the Achilles.

So as I mentioned in the last post, this week will be heavy on the cycling and light on the running. I'll have a short, easy run on Wednesday to test out how the rest is helping this issue.


Wes said...

Sounds like you need a Stick or a Tiger Tail... Your muscles have been holding up well! Treat them nice :-)

Carolina John said...

Wow, that's the exact same place on my left leg where i feel the same pain. we must be doing the same thing wrong.

My doc wants to do a bone scan to rule out a stress fracture but I know it's myofascial. Get The Stick (I went with Marathon length stick) and roll it out every couple of hours. It really helps.

that's also the only thing anyone has been able to tell me to do about it. that and plenty of advil. My coach told me to take enough advil to break the hold that the knot has on the muscle, that's the only way it can let the injury heal.

you can also look for a foam roller or steal a piece of pool noodle (from your kids) and use that to roll out your legs.

Tommy said...


The soleus is more right at the base of where the calf muscle attaches to the achilles. It is not on the side but more dead center. If you look at picture 2 and see were the calf "V" is (just about an inch or 2 above your pin), that's where the soleus is. It's covered up by the larger calf muscle and the reason why its so difficult to get to.

When I tore mine the blood pooled right at the base of my calf and made any type of pushing off/flexion impossible. Like everyone has said the Stick and Vitamin I help. So do frozen peas/corn and a visit to Dr. Renick. That ART hurts like the dickens but will break up that scar tissue under there. My scar tissue went from the size of a golf ball to almost completely gone. Of course that was weeks of ART and about 6-8 weeks completely off of it.

JB said...

check out posterior shin splints or posterior tibial syndrome. hard to dx from a few pics but it looks and sounds like posterior shin splints. Had these before 1st Ironman in2004, took a while to go away. rehab, rehab, rehab. and ice, ice, ice.