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Monday, April 20, 2009

April 13 - 19

Total: 16 hrs 10 min
Swim: 12 km
Bike: 9 hrs 30 min
Run: 1 hr 50 min
Strength: 1 hr 45 min

It was another week rehabbing the calf injury and putting in some solid time on the bike. Not a whole lot of running (very little actually) but my run last night was encouraging in that I was able to hold a respectable pace without much discomfort. I have to give major credit to Dr. Renick for diligently working on my calf and helping me get back to running.

With all of 41 miles of running logged for the month so far I decided to ask if I could move my registration from the Olympic distance to the Sprint for the upcoming race this weekend (against coach’s wishes). I feel like I could fake a decent enough 5k, but a fast 10k … not so much! Well, at least not without significant suffering and lasting repercussions. With the Lake Murray race the very next weekend, I don’t want to risk further injuring my calf this weekend. Lake Murray is a big local race with steep competition where I hope to represent my sponsor well. Besides, it looks like the Open division field has grown quite a bit in the Langley Sprint race since the last time I checked the registration. There are some solid athletes racing with some being very talented swimmers. If I’m able to switch to the Sprint my goal will be to not lose too much time in the water (maybe even stay in the lead pack) and then bring it hard on the bike and hang on for dear life in the run (and try not to hurt myself). If I end up racing the Olympic it will be the same strategy. Come to think of it … that’s always my strategy!

This week has very light training. So much so that it will be a challenge to train that little! In fact I’ve already trained over plan by riding this morning. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. It just doesn’t feel right not to ride my bike in the morning.

Train well.

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Carolina John said...

good luck at langley brother. i'm still on the fence about running the half marathon or 5k in greer next weekend.

thanks for the transition tips for yesterday's race too! i followed most of what you said, and would have had great times if not for getting too disoriented after the swim.