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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pile up in 1st few miles. Broken spoke on 808. Im out ... Major bummer!


Anonymous said...

Yikes man! Glad you're ok. Hope your bike is as well. -NW

Carolina John said...

that sucks nick. glad you're ok. i know the assault is always the toughest bike only challenge around here. at least you had the guts to toe the starting line. 8100 feet of climbing scares the heck out of me.

JB said...

major bummer! still can't believe u drove to the top for a bag!!
my legs were trash and still sick. 34th place is my worst placing ever. maybe I should have stayed was PERFECT though!
I was in your same crash but had slowed to maybe 2 mph when somebody hit me from behind so I didn't fall, bike just got knocked down after I unclipped. I saw it coming and lucked out but LL broke his wheel but got a spare from Casey and finished in 12th overall! WOW

Anonymous said...

That really bites about the crash and the 808... and the entry fee... and the vacation day from work... and the missed opportunity for a great training day with beautiful weather. At least you got to see the nice views on the drive. There, does that make you feel better?

Hey, thanks again for the ride back to Spartanburg. As I look at the map I don't think I slowed you down too bad by giving me a ride back. Heading to Asheville for the interstate would have been pretty far out of the way. - JW