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Friday, May 1, 2009

Lake Murray Prediction

This is probably not a very wise thing to do, but here is my prediction:

1. Daniel Moss (just placed 3rd at Du Nationals)
2. Chris Olson
3. Parker Roth
4. Peter Kotland
5. Cameron Dorn
6. Me
7. Mark Woody
8. Jeff Brandenburg
9. Joe Sroka

There are a couple of wildcards in there ... Chris Giordinelli, Ryan Payne, Mike Wendt, etc. and always some fast age group athletes (like JB) that may break into the top 10. So I will be happy to be anywhere inside the top 10 for this one since there are some many talented athletes racing, the including pro / elite guys.


Wes said...

Give it your best shot, bro! The chips are gonna fall where they fall. These guys know that already! Have fun!! and stay safe out there...

Carolina John said...

yea the G-man will get in the top 10. he always does. i don't know how, but he always does.

Good luck to you. i've got another friend running it too (Brady Gilbert), a fellow IT guy, furman grad. it's his second tri ever, if you run into him.

JB said...

who is Joe Sroka? where has he raced before and why does he beat me??? LOL

Nick said...

JB, Actually, you're right. I moved you up a slot :-) Here's Joe Sroka ...

I'll be pedaling my a$$ off since you have another 3.5 miles to work with!