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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a slacker

with the blog (not with the training!!). I'm at the tail end of a 3 week block following lake murray tri before bringing it down a bit heading into Festival of Flowers and Tri the Midlands. The calf injury is healed and I'm back to 30+ mile run weeks. Not quite at the volume I was before the injury but building to it and so far the intensity has been very minimal but is building as well.

After the June races it will be time to begin building up for Augusta 70.3 and B2B. I have a hole in the calendar between late June and late September and need to fill it with some longer races. Perhaps Hartsville Oly, and maybe AG Nationals in AL, but I would really like to find a late summer half. I don't know of any off hand ...

I should have some video to post soon of my top secret training hideaway. Speaking of which, I need to plan a weekend mini-training camp getaway. The biggest problem is that it's so darn relaxing there that it's hard to "get the work done" as jonnyo would say.


JB said...

at least you got a recovery day at MM!

JT said...

Come do the Tugaloo Oly in NE GA with me instead of the Hartsville hot-tub swim and bake-fest run! I think it's the Saturday right after the Hartsville race.