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Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on consistency

Snagged from the TBB forum (Sutto talking) ...

"Well like the newcomers ,they are seeing the truth every day sometimes 3 times a day , and after the intitial depression , they indeed are seeing the positive .If i can train like this ,i too might become a winner .What is the big difference ?,what seperates the old hands from the newbies?The answer is simple CONSISTANCY evry day they have their routine , both at training but in their life style , its clock work and its day in day out "

Kindzia may enjoy this next excerpt given his latest post ...

"I have also observed how frustrated the newbies get when i say yur going to be flying in 18months , instead of being so happy that i see them becoming very good , it seems like a let down as they all want it in 18 days ,some understand a little more and want it in 18weeks .there again is the difference , between the older members and the newbies,they were prepared to put the 18 months in ,indeed i ask for 3 yrs , this type of talk sorts out those that really want it and thosewho want the quick fix , again if we" hurry slowly " we will get a quicker fix .So it not so easy to motivate people for a 3yr outcome ,"whats in it for them" sort of filters thru, why so long?i then point out ,that some of the older members used to start on this pace and could not do more ,they seem incredulous as they watch them hammer around like a swiss watch , not just in the pool or track but on the bike as well ."they could not be that slow ,and blow up that early at that speed , i can do that now"the answer from ole doc , is standard EXACTLYthats my point . its not ability you lack but consistancy to work to a plan that allows you to lap at the same pace as these do now .In triathlon at any level , its just the same as keeping physically active .The more consistant , the better you are !"

Read the whole thing here. There is a ton of wisdom here that even I can recongnize!

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Carolina John said...

that's very true nick. It takes a long time to get good at anything. even i've been programming for 10 years now, and just got really good at it maybe 3 years ago.

the whole thing becomes a game of managing expectations. that's why you set your own goals for time and speed, and can't be envious of others speed or time accomplishments.