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Monday, February 23, 2009

Feb 16-22 week review

Total: 15 hrs11 min
Swim: 11 Km
Bike: 7 hrs 20 min
Run: 2 hrs 56 min
Strength: 1 hr 55 min

Last week didn’t have all that much volume but sitting here on Monday morning I can tell you that I’ll still feel the effects, specifically from the running. Although it was low in volume, the 8k race on Saturday was definitely high intensity! And running hard on hilly cantered asphalt and brick roads took its toll on my lower legs. I’m sure I gained some fitness from racing as I haven’t done much speed work lately and I was pleased with my time and 2nd place result. You can read about the race here.

Should I really be pleased with 2nd though?

I was talking about this with a friend recently … when it comes down to the end of race and if you have a shot at winning … do you feel yourself worthy of the win and therefore willing to REALLY suffer for it, or is coming in 2nd good enough? For me age-group or division winning is something different entirely; but when it is the overall race, I wonder if I have that confidence to go for the win or if 2nd place will always be good enough. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to have that experience in triathlon this year. I’m not really much of a straight-up runner (and probably won’t do anymore run races this year - correction ... I will run Zebras Do Exist!) so I doubt I’ll be in that position on the running side of things. Even yesterday … while I came in second, the winner had me by a lot, there was no chance of winning. But triathlon is the great equalizer … I LOVE IT!!!!! BUT …while this approach works in the AG ranks, these guys in the Open division (with the exception of a few) are very consistent across the disciplines. They don’t leave you any room for weakness even if you are exceptional in one area. This is why I have the stipulation I put on myself for racing in this division this year was that I gain speed in the water and with my running. I’ve done these things so now I have to be true to myself and step up (can you tell I’m second guessing and lacking confidence?). Good grief I just need to race and get it over with!!!!

A BIG congrats to our puppy Bailey for graduating from Beginner Level training at PetSmart this week!! Such a smart dog we have!

It's officially official

His graduating class. Can you tell who is the honor student?

Proud mom and her graduate

This week won’t have all that much volume but will be interesting in other ways. Yay! While I do enjoy routine and consistency, especially in training, I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone, break the routine, and get inspired. A that’s just what I’m hoping for this weekend as my wife, son and I travel to Table-Rock State Park to spend the weekend at the 1st ever FCA-Endurance training camp. While the focus will be growing in faith, there will also be a solid dose of training to be done in the mountains. I’m hoping for warm temps so I don’t get too cold on the bike coming down the mountain. The trail running should be awesome and Jonathan has a double run day scheduled which is certainly not the norm for me.

Train well!

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Wes said...

The only time I ever threw up at the end of a race was a high school cross country meet. One of the top runners from another school was evidently gimped up from an injury, and I was determined to beat him. I started my sprint from about a mile away. I didn't beat him. Best 26th place finish ever. Totally worth it :-)