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Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 9 – 15

Total: 16 hrs 40 min.
Swim: 11k
Bike: 7 hrs. 2 min.
Run: 5 hrs. 5 min.
Strength: 1 hr 40 min.

You guessed it … another solid week of training … boring to read I’m sure. I feel like a broken record, but consistency IS one of the focus points. Some comments from Jonathan on this, “what i know is that we have reach some very good consistency with you, that is the most important factor to improvement...”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, running was at the forefront of this week’s training. I reached 40+ miles with relative ease, which is big, big volume for me.

Work was CRAZY this week and made getting in all my workouts a real challenge. Hopefully things will settle back down into a routine at work soon so I can get back to managing my training without so much stress and rearranging!

This week has much less running volume and a fun low-key 8k race on the weekend so it should be a fairly easy week. I’m feeling a bit heavy after eating anything and everything I pleased last week. For the next few weeks my goal is to bring back the discipline and shed a percentage point or two … second quarter body comp will be here before I know it.

CONGRATS to all my friends who raced this weekend at the Myrtle Beach Half!

18 5 1104 Randall Finn 32 M Columbia SC 52:17 1:20:19 1:20:21 6:08
39 6 1696 Steven Johnson 34 M Columbia SC 54:38 1:24:23 1:24:25 6:27
42 3 914 Amos Disasa 29 M Columbia SC 54:39 1:25:21 1:25:22 6:31
44 6 438 Jeff Brandenburg 42 M Columbia SC 55:49 1:25:47 1:25:49 6:33

Father and son (how awesome is this?)

136 12 3374 Erik Wendt 13 M Lexington SC 1:02:10 1:35:57 1:35:59 7:20
137 13 3375 Michael Wendt 46 M Lexington SC 1:02:11 1:35:55 1:35:59 7:20

Train well!

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Wes said...

That's what I just read in the training bible. Consistency is the key :-)