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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cool Picture

Here's a picture of my friend and coworker Randy Finn as he's getting passed by Lance at around mile 18 of the Boston Marathon. Randy would go on to finish the race in 2:59:50, reaching his goal of a sub 3 hour run, about 10 minutes behind Lance.

Randy is on the waiting list for Beach-2-Battleship Ironman and if he gets a slot it is imperative that I beat him so I can retain the designation of "Top Triathlete at Colonial Life". The way I figure it, he'll run at least one minute per mile faster than me in the marathon so I'll need to gain a comfortable 28 minutes between the swim and bike to hold on to the title.


Kevin said...

Sounds like a great rivalry you two have. I am interested in seeing the reports of how this race turns out since it is somewhat close to GA and is like 1/2 the price of actual Ironman Events

Mendy said...

Cool pic! The biker beside Lance must be his crew.