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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack!

In my mind this is how I need to approach Lake Murray in a few weeks. It needs to be all-out, all the time, anaerobic effort from start to finish. I need to swim the 750 meters as fast as I can, ride as hard as I can, attacking every climb and cranking down every descent, and then run as fast as these legs will take me. For me, that’s something that I have to mentally prepare for because I know it’s going to HURT. On the upside, it will only hurt for a little while.

This sort of brings me to the question that I’m trying to answer this year, which is, am I a long course or short course triathlete? It just occurred to me that maybe it doesn’t need answering, maybe I can be both. But can you really do both well? I guess this year will answer that (for me) since I’m racing hard on the short course this first half of the year and then attempting to race (not just complete) long course races in the back half of the year.

Will I burn out? Will I pull it off? And what does this mean for me next year? I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun finding the answers to these questions.

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