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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Single T Double B

Not as hardcore as the Triple T but a good build-phase weekend workout.

Friday was the T (tri) day which started with a 2500 meter swim with a 2000 meter straight time trial. The tt went well and I posted my fastest 2000 meter split since the SC Half IM last year where I was 19th overall / 2nd in my AG out of the water with a 31:xx swim. That was a wetsuit legal swim which really speeds me up, so I'm feeling pretty good about this 31 minute 2000 meter swim in the pool.

After the swim I went by Harrell's for a quick fitting, grab some HEED to try out, and got some really great news. The great news also was a huge mental fuel for the weekend workout! I left there and made one of the biggest mistakes of the day when I stopped for a value meal a BK just a few miles and minutes from the ride. I hastily scarffed it down on my way to the ride.

Once out on the bike I realized that the food just wasn't digesting at the pace I was pushing. I had to back off a bit and see if I could get some blood flowing to my stomach. Regardless, when I got the end of Wash Lever Road which is mile 10 I was averaging over 20 mph which was pretty good and feeling a bit better. The next four and a half miles are mainly descending and a lot of fun to ride, especially as it culminates with a swervey downhill into the small town of Peak and ends with a sharp, almost 90 degree turn near the Pharmacy and Fire Station (which is basically the whole town). Once through Peak I was averaging 21.38. This is about the time I realized that I hadn't been drinking much of anything except the half of a Diet Coke I had with the value meal before the ride. The next 10 miles have a number of small chain ring - large cog, out of the saddle, sustained climbs that knock your averages back down some but provide great hill work. The last part of the loop is fast and rolling on fresh blacktop and a lot of fun to ride. From there I had 32 miles at a pace over 20mph and I stopped at the truck to grab a fresh bottle of water and went for a shorted 20 mile loop at an easier pace which finished it up for 52 miles at a 19.5 pace. I'd estimate that it was no less than 2000 ft of climbing if not more. Not stellar, but solid for this stage of the year.

After the ride I headed down to Riverfront Park and ran 5 miles, which is about all I had in me. I ran it at a slow 8:00 min pace, which again is all I had in me. This run really was a struggle. I was cramping a dehydrated from not drinking enough on the bike.

The next day was the first B (brick) with an hour on the trainer in the garage while the kids played Play-Dough then a 5.4 mile run at a 6:46 pace while my father-in-law watched the kids. This was my longest run in the new Zoots and I ended up with a raw spot just below left ankle. I hope that turns into a callus soon.

Sunday was the second B. After church I went for a ride in my neck of the woods. It was supposed to be a recovery ride but the wind was howling something crazy and the hills where taking their toll. Eventually I gave in and decided to fight back a little. In the end I had a solid ride at a 19.5 mph pace with 95% of the time spent on the drops because it was just too windy to be up on the aerobars. I followed that up with a short 2.7 mile intense run near a 6 minute mile pace.

All in all it was a good build-phase weekend but I realize that I have a long way to go if I want to post a time at the IM later that would give me hope for a KQ in 09.

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