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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Okay, so it’s only the 3rd day, but still, I’m over it! Saturday was a solid brick with my training partner Bill with a 21 mile ride in some hills and rain, then a long-overdue track workout. I felt like I had a really good workout and even put up one of my fastest bike splits on that route but there was something in the back of my mind that was saying, “something ain’t right”. My allergies were in full expression and I was a little wiped out from doing yard work and pressure washing the house Saturday morning and so I attributed the feeling to that.

Saturday night was date-night with my wife. By then I was super congested, coughing and starting to realize that I was coming down with something that had some teeth. Also, I noticed that my father-in-law was feeling rotten when they came over to watch the kids. Well, I figured one of those 32 oz beers from the Mexican restaurant would take care of it. And it did have me feeling better for a little while, but as we headed out to Ross, the dollar store and Books-A-Million, I started heading downhill again.

Sunday was church and then Hannah’s 2nd birthday bash. We had a lot of good food and good times with family, friends, neighbors, dogs and kids playing in the sunshine on the cul-de-sac. By Sunday night I knew it was time to break out the big guns and get on an antibiotic, which I hadn’t done in well over two years. So today I’m all hopped up on my buck shot formula of antibiotic, antihistamine, vitamin C, vitamin D, huge dose of vitamin B, Magnesium, multi vitamin, ibuprofen, and glucosamine.

At least today is not Thursday or Friday with the race on Saturday. This is actually the best time to get sick for me. It’ll force me to taper but should be cleared up by race day.

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