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Monday, December 1, 2008

Local SCTS Triathlete - Peter Kotland - Ultraman

Check out this article on local athlete Peter Kotland featured on SlowTwitch:

Who says the SCTS isn't a competitive series??? If I race in the Open division next year, this is who I'm up against. Hmmm, maybe I should stay age group ...

And look, he's wearing a T-Shirt fron the Run In in G-ville!


Carolina John said...

That is a cool article! i actually own the same run in shirt, and shop there all the time.

i think scts is very competitive, and i'm running 3 scts, 1 ncts, and the beach 2 battleship half iron next year. should be fun!

you wanna do the lake murray sprint next year? i've got that one, langley pond (also near you), and the greenville sprint on the calendar. cool blog! wes (a code geek's tail) recommended you.

TriT said...

WOW! Awesome...thanks for sharing the article :)