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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Update

Thankfully the end of the winter is sight and racing season is on its way. I'm so ready for the warm morning rides, outdoor swims, and running in the bare essentials!!!

But I do appreciate the winter season and the time it allows us as athletes to get some rest and somewhat reinvent ourselves for next season. For me it was back to the drawing boards for a look at what aspect of my racing could be improved upon to give me the best bang for my training buck so to speak. After ending the 2009 season with a not so great race at 70.3 world champs due to a running injury, I decided that it was high-time I focused on my running. I'm determined to make running a reliable asset instead of a potential liability.

So is it working? Yes, I think so. I'm running fairly big volume without aches and pain and I'm doing well in the run races I've done this winter

- 18:08 @ Cold Winter Day 5k
- 17:48 @ Greenville News Run Downtown 5k
- Expecting good race at a 10k in late Feb (hoping for sub 37 min)

But the running project is not complete. I have yet to set foot on a track for speed work this year. That part of the training will begin soon.

While improving my run may make me more competitive next year, I'm well aware that there is still a bit of a gap that needs to be closed on the bike between me and the top guys in the Open division of the state series and the AG podium positions at 70.3 races. So that's phase 2 of the project (which began last week). I'm kind of doubtful that I'll be able to totally close that gap this year and I'm okay with that. I'm a pretty patient person as long as I can see progress, and I enjoy the process. But nevertheless, I'm all about "free-speed"! This should help ...

DA equipped 2010 Plasma 2 compliments of Harrell's Bicycle World (best shop on the planet) !!! (White decals for the Zipps on order)

And this may help a little too, new Wingspan from Rudy Project

This may not make me faster, but it sure will be more comfortable than my old QR full sleeve:

Okay, enough of the equipment pics, back to what really makes you fast ... the training.

I had an AWESOME weekend of training last weekend. It was my first chance to ride the new Plasma and I put she and I through the ringer. First I must send out a huge "Thanks" to Joe Dannelly for hosting me in his home as well as Rick Kattouf, Team Kattouf, and Chris Olson for inviting me to join their Caesar's Head ride after the 5k.

Friday was 4.5k of swimming followed by a ride up and over Paris Mountain in Greenville with Joe and a friend. That was a really cool ride and a great way to break-in the bike. I got to test it all ... tt, climbing, descending.

Saturday was 5 mile warm up run, the Greenville 5k race, 3 mile cool down run, then the ride from the Kattouf's home in Greenville to the top of Caesar's Head and back (60 miles or so with tons of climbing and descending). It was a pretty epic day in pretty epic conditions with a great group of athletes on a spectacular route in a beautiful area of the country. Can't ask for more than that.

And that's how I kicked off my cycling focus. I look forward to getting back to the upstate for some more killer riding soon!


Wes said...

Yea, that's some good stuff. I want to get one of those swim suits with no arms AND no legs :-) I think Neo Sports carries them. I'm holding out for a new ride someday too, but Dee Dee has dibs. Women!!

Slater Fletcher said...

Nice update and looks like a killer gear list! I am focusing on the run during the winter too and find I am looking forward to running more and more. . .

Great outlook on the process too!

Carolina John said...

dude that is a wild day! 11 miles of running and climbing ceasar's head? riding with rick is a gem by itself. he's really cool.

more said...
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