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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Placid roll down

I was looking through the results of Ironman Lake Placid and noticed something very strange. In the M30-34 division Kona slots rolled all the way down to 46th and 161st finisher in the division!!!! So either the recession hit the young 30s pretty hard or there are a lot of guys kicking themselves today for not going to roll down to claim their entry!

26 09:48:56 M30-34 3/210
35 09:53:43 M30-34 4/210
40 09:57:34 M30-34 6/210
250 11:08:48 M30-34 46/210
1336 13:47:25 M30-34 161/210

In my division (M35-39) it was another story ...

13 09:32:56 M35-39 1/312
23 09:46:29 M35-39 2/312
24 09:48:04 M35-39 3/312
31 09:51:40 M35-39 4/312
36 09:53:56 M35-39 8/312
46 09:59:20 M35-39 9/312
56 10:08:06 M35-39 10/312
58 10:08:44 M35-39 11/312

But back to the M30-34s, at CdA the slowest qualifier was 9:34:24 ... that's a completely different stratosphere from 13:47:25 or even 11:08:48. Pick your race wisely!!!


Russ said...

161st!! I have got to get myself over to that race!

Nick White said...

I'm 30-34 next year! Where do I sign up? What? The race fills up in 1 hour!!!

JB said...

Why does this never happen to us???

Nick White said...

Yo JB, I saw on Slowtwitch this was actually a clerical error - they transposed the finisher's time. There was some debate to whether this guy would still keep his Kona slot, but the consensus was yes.