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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The team adds a coach

Guess who?
Here's a hint -

Okay, one more hint -

if you don't know, click here


Wes said...

Johnny-O rocks, but I specifically remember you mentioning your first coach a few months ago :-)

Nick said...

Ah, you got me. I guess sometimes I think I'm doing what the coach wantes and then it turns out I'm only listening to my own over-training tendencies. You're right though, I'll change the title.

Mendy said...

Nick, read your previous post.
If you're up this way this weekend, David and I need to go to Run In this weekend for me to get new shoes, give us a ring. Could do lunch if you're up for it. David's cell - 567-1094. It's a great area for restaurants.