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Monday, August 25, 2008


Last week started off with me having to bail on a run because of a weird pain in my knee. After the run I could barely walk down stairs. A day later if felt fine. Two days later I ran again and had the same issue come up within a mile. At that point I started doing some research and self-diagnosed myself with onset of ITBS. For the next two days I aggressively stretched, foam rolled, and got massage. I found that I was very tight, especially in the hamstrings and glutes but quickly was able to release the tension with the right stretches. While foam rolling I found a very sore tendon in the top of my tibia on the posterior side which joins at the same place that the IT band joins. I’m wondering if this is the issue. I went for a test run on Saturday morning (2 miles) and it felt fine.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went for a ride with a friend and went down on some loose gravel in a turn. I wasn’t wearing gloves so the palms of my hands got ripped up pretty good as did my shoulder and hip. I got bandaged up and continued the ride. Now I’m in pain and can’t swim because of all the open wounds. I don’t want to run or ride until showering isn’t painful. So it looks like I’m going to have a forced rest week with just 5 weeks until the HIM and 9 until the IM. I’m just going to have to trust that a rest week is what I need right now and that the time left for training will be sufficient.


Wes said...

Sounds like a crap day for bike rides :-) I'm in the process of posting my crash results now!! Give it time to scab up then get back out there!!

Hope I get to meet you at SC HIM!!

Kevin said...

Ouch. Rest up, youll feel better soon. The time until SC 1/2 is flying by so fast

Mendy said...

Oh no. This sucks, Nick. I'm sorry that you're out of training for a week, but glad you didn't get all beat up that bad. You're right about your post title. Trust. Just trust that you'll be back better than new in a week.

David said...

Man, sorry to hear about the wreck. I really think a full rest week may be a blessing in disguise as you do the final ramp up in training. You'll kill it, no problem! Just get better, bud.