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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Month / YTD Workout Totals


Bike: 34h 12m 10s - 684.72 Mi
Run: 14h 34m 39s - 101.24 Mi
Swim: 8h 55m 24s - 33275 M


Bike: 168h 32m 55s - 3505.78 Mi
Run: 70h 34m 07s - 551.75 Mi
Swim: 48h 55m 23s - 178175 M

I pulled all of this data from my handy little workout log on BeginnerTriathlete, which I highly recommend because it free!


Tri*22 said...

Nice!! I need to create one of those to keep up with it all.

Thanks for sharing :)

Mendy said...

Wow! That's pretty impressive.

David said...

+1 on using BT. Great resource, and great place to stick around and offer info/advice.

Great numbers, Nick! Do you sleep at all?