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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thirsty anyone?

Here's the Plasma in long course training mode. I should be able to go 4-5 hours without needing to stop to resupply. The best part about this setup is that I can carry 80 ounces of fluid without any sacrifice to the aerodynamics of the bike. I never understood why people would purposely buy a bike with aero tubes and then stick a big round water bottle on the downtube.

Here's a picture of the rear mounted dual water bottle cage. I'm especially happy with the way my spare fit snugly beneath the cage arm between the seatpost and cages. It's not wider, nor does it hang any lower than the cages and therefore should not add any additional drag.

This is a picture of the Profile Design Razor water bottle and cage. It will mount to the downtube or seattube and is super slim. I should have taken a picture from the front of the bike because this bottle simply disappears.

Last but not least is the AeroDrink that I used some last season and have being racing with all year this season. My friend Bob showed me a little trick of putting a bottle top over the big hole to prevent getting sloshed when you hit a bump in the road. It works nicely. It fits snugly but you can get it off and on with one hand to refill while riding.

For racing the IM, I'm thinking that the two in the rear will be feeder bottles with 3 hour mixtures (6 hours worth) of nutrition (Sustained Energy, Perpetum, Infinite ??) that I can mix in the aerobottle with water from aid stations to make a 1 hour mixture and the Razor will have something different for a little variation. I'm not worried about weight for the IM because the course is extremely flat. Less climbing than my 15 mile commute home from work in fact.

For training I guess I'll just fill them all up with 1 hour mixtures of whatever nutrition I go with and that'll be starting point for experimentation.


Wes said...

That's a sweet setup :-) I need to get me one of those rear hangy thingees after my Oly in August. Then its Ironman training full time!! Woot!! That's a great idea for the top on the aero drink bottle. I'm going to rush home and try that. I'm tired of losing my yellow thingee and getting G2 showers!!

Wes said...

P.S. Can I have your tires? :-D

Kevin said...

I just put almost the same holder on my bike. I was glad to find out it isnt difficult to get bottles in and out of it while riding

Tommy said...

So that's what my future steed looks like ... very nice. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Let me know if I can help you create a formula for INFINIT. This popped up on my Google alert. It takes about 1 min to create a custom formula.

Michael ( aka INFINIT 1 )

Anonymous said...

PS SWEET ride. :)

Bill Lawrence said...

Ok, you made me spend money again. That bottle on the frame rules. That should have come out years ago.